1. STAGING AN EMPTY PROPERTY- Whether the home is a new build or the homeowner has already moved out, we've got you covered. Angela & the Stagers has everything needed to completely design and furnish your empty house.

  1. STAGING AN OCCUPIED PROPERTY- Still living in the home with all of your belongings? No problem. We can work with your stuff. By editing, rearranging, and supplementing with our own inventory, we'll get your house picture perfect and ready to sell.

  1. STAGING CONSULTS- Are you a do it yourself kind of person? If so, let us take the guess work out of preparing your home for a quick sale. We will tour your home and give you a detailed plan of action for you to implement.

  1. STAGING EVENTS OR PHOTOSHOOTS- Do you need help designing or furnishing a short term event? We have an extensive inventory and the expertise to make your event or photoshoot a success.